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NEWS 27.05.2011 Toy Horses to play at German festivals Toy Horses are now officially on the festival billing at: Haldern Pop Festival (11.08.2011) Dockville Festival (12.08.2011) ----------------------------------------------------------- 20.05.2011

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NEWS 27.05.2011 Toy Horses to play at German festivals Toy Horses are now officially on the festival billing at: Haldern Pop Festival (11.08.2011) Dockville Festival (12.08.2011) ----------------------------------------------------------- 20.05.2011 The Duke Spirit soon on tour in Germany After a two years break we are happy to announce the new tour of The Duke Spirit in Germany to present their upcoming album "Bruiser" (release: 16.09.2011) Tourdates: 24.09.2011 - Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festival 25.09.2011 - Berlin, Lido 27.09.2011 - Hannover, Capitol 28.09.2011 - Cologne, Luxor 30.09.2011 - Munich, 59:1 01.10.2011 - Stuttgart, Universum TICKETS ----------------------------------------------------------- 02.05.2011 preorder Toy Horses album Follow this LINK to preorder Toy Horses upcoming album "Toy Horses" (release: 03.06.2011) on ----------------------------------------------------------- 14.04.2011 Toy Horses itunes application Download the application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch of Toy Horses and be always up-to-date. The application also contains unreleased demo songs! just follow the LINK ----------------------------------------------------------- 13.04.2011 Toy Horses prelistening Get a free prelistening of Toy Horses' upcoming and first single in GSA "No One´s Ever Gonna Leave You" - release on 13.05.2011! Toy Horses - No One's Ever Gonna Leave You by kanoon ----------------------------------------------------------- 31.03.2011 Toy Horses are signed! kanoon records very warm welcomes its new horse in the stable: Toy Horses! Release for Germany/Switzerland/Austria is in progress and will be happen very soon! Click HERE to get more information about this fantastic band. ----------------------------------------------------------- 31.01.2011 The Broken Beats radio interview Munich based radio station M94.5 interviewed Kim Munk from The Broken Beats at their show in Munich. TBB@M94.5 by kanoon ----------------------------------------------------------- 10.01.2011 The Duke Spirit &? The Broken Beats at Laxmag German music magazine "Laxmag" asked The Duke Spirit and The Broken Beats about their highlights and flops in 2010. Click HERE to see the interview. ----------------------------------------------------------- 30.11.2010 German indie pop band "Lauter Leben" supp. The Broken Beats Lauter Leben are announced as tour support for the German tourdates of The Broken Beats. Please click HERE to enter the official site of Lauter Leben. ----------------------------------------------------------- 19.11.2010 The Duke Spirit on LiveBuzz The Duke Spirit just presented some new songs on LiveBuzz in a studio session. Follow that LINK to see the clips in high quality or watch the video of "Villain" on the right. ----------------------------------------------------------- 09.11.2010 The Broken Beats tour Germany Wizard Promotions in cooperation with Skandinavian send The Broken Beats on tour in Germany. Please click HERE to see the tourdates. ----------------------------------------------------------- 08.11.2010 The Broken Beats gig at Reeperbahn Festival at "WDR Rockpalast" On 15.11.2010 The Broken Beats' gig at Reeperbahn Festival will be broadcasted on German Television "WDR Rockpalast". Please click HERE for further information. ----------------------------------------------------------- 26.10.2010 The Broken Beats reached the Deutsche Alternative Charts Their first single of the self titled EP "The Rules" has entered Deutsche Alternative Charts (DAT) in "Bullets". DAT is the German club charts for alternative and indie music. ----------------------------------------------------------- 20.10.2010 The Duke Spirit with new video "Everybody´s Under Your Spell" The Duke Spirit just published a brand new video of "Everybody´s Under Your Spell" out of the upcoming EP "Kusama". Click HERE to watch it! ----------------------------------------------------------- 18.10.2010 The Broken Beats second single "All The Diamonds In Rio" kanoon records will release "All The Diamonds In Rio" on 19.11.2010 out of The Rules EP as second single. "All The Diamonds In Rio" became a big radio hit in Denmark and it´s now on danish airplay for over 1 year. On this single we release another fantastic track called "Watch The Beauty Fall". Please click HERE to see the band performing the song in a submarine (!). ----------------------------------------------------------- 14.09.2010 The Broken Beats enter German radio / Club DJs like "The Rules" After an explosive launch in German radio The Broken Beats already now begin to enter the German radio charts. Radio Eins,, N-JOY, Radio Bremen 4, Radio Fritz took "The Rules" on rotation and now we are proud to announce that we are on #101 in the young charts - a big success after only 2 weeks radio promotion. More to come soon! Over 56% of the German club DJs like the first single "The Rules" and play the songs!!! It´s just the beginning... ----------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------


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